A bit late and really fast 4/13 art! And now I should come back to my project. Anyways, I’m glad for the existence of this webcomic, the amazing artists, musicians,etc…. I just fell in love with everybody.

Thank you guys, this is the last year but it will never be forgotten.


She was canon.


I’m confused.

I liked the lineart but I hate the result.

Is from this post

I tried, but they’re sketches >_> I’m not with the mood for do something more professional (anyways I can’t).

Is obvious, I used references for everything, (the atla one, the pose is from other drawing I have in my fanart folder…)

Working on this, now with the lineart and then painting on SAI… IDK???

Fem!Italy quick sketch, ARGH I CAN’T DO SOMETHING GOOD


jellyfish simple sketch ~

my little sister wants to be a kyoshi warrior and I love Kyoshi and this is what happened.

tegakie what are u doing to me.

I drew them long time ago…


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