Romano: Hey, Spain! Hey, damn it! Are you listening? I’m finished, you jerk! H-hey, are you okay?!

*Spain snores*

Romano: Grrr… You bastard..!

*more snoring*

Romano: I show some kindness and you just had to go to sleep… I’m leaving this right here, so you better
eat it, you jerk!

*phone rings*

Spain: Listen, listen, Romano! I was dreaming about wanting to eat some churros, and there was some churros in my room!
Maybe the churros fairy came to visit me!

Romano: I hope your ears fall off, you son of a bitch!

*hangs up*

  • Translation by spaceinvaderdud on Livejournal

PFFFFT, That’s why I love Spain <3 Churros Fairy, lol


Yeah, that’s right. Evil muffins best be moving out of this suave motherfuckers way. 


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